Stirling Soil & Nutrient Network: 1st meeting


This is the first of three events to demonstrate the value of our soils.

We will be meeting at our host farm – Aucheneck Estate, with the kind permission of Campbell Graham.  We will introduce you to our new host farm, focusing on soil health and nutrient management with the help of practical demonstrations.  There will be a range of Agricultural machinery on show, including a new aerator and mower. 

Topics for discussion

  • Soil Structure and Compaction issues, including practical machinery demonstrations in a silage field
  • Liming & pH
  • Grassland management – the profitability of older silage leys

Guest speakers

  • Seamus Donnelly – a soil specialist and senior agricultural consultant with SAC Consulting
  • Lorna Galloway – SAC Consultant
  • Robin Mair

Please use the booking form below to secure your place and help us arrange catering.  As this event includes a short farm walk, you are asked to wear clean footwear and suitable clothing.

For further information about this event please call the FAS advice line (0300 323 0161) and ask to speak to Robin Mair.



Bookings are no longer available for this event.