Stranraer Soil & Nutrient Network: 2nd Meeting

With farm input costs escalating the focus is on maximising homegrown resources– including slurry and manure.

This meeting will look at using soil samples to prepare a Nutrient Budget, taking into account organic manures, slurry, and lime before purchasing fertiliser.  Under or over applying nutrients can be a significant cost so a Nutrient Budget will ensure targeted application of nutrients for an increased return on investment.

Key Speakers

  • Lorna Galloway, SAC Consulting
  • Seamus Donnelly, SAC Consulting
  • Dr. Paul Hargreaves, SRUC

Following on from the major nutrients we will cover trace elements and how they balance within the soil and their impact on plant growth and animal performance.  Worms are the workforce of our soils and play a vital role in recycling nutrients within the soil, and guest speaker Paul Hargreaves will talk to us about how to keep our underground eco-systems functioning to benefit to our above ground activities.

This is the second of three meetings from the Stranraer Soil & Nutrient Network.  You find out more about Balwherrie Farm, our Stranraer host farm here.  A photo of someone measuring the length of blade on a soil aerator with a yellow measuring tape

There are 12 host farms across Scotland taking a ‘before and after’ look at how to protect and improve farm soils and make the best use of both organic and inorganic fertilisers, saving money, benefitting yields and improving farm efficiency and resilience.  Find out what the other groups have been discussing from our webpage.


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