Uist Soil & Nutrient Network – 2nd Meeting


This is the second meeting of the Uist Soil & Nutrient Network and will build on what we discussed during that event earlier this year.

Looking forward to operations for next year, we’ve David Lawson, SAC Grassland Agronomist as a guest speaker.  He will discuss how to select seed mixtures to meet your needs, fertiliser applications and a general step-by-step guide to reseeding.  Joining David will be SAC Vet, Heather Stevenson, who will focus on vitamin and mineral supplementation in livestock and will answer any of your queries.


  • Grass seed mixes
  • Fertilisers
  • Practical reseeding guide and costings
  • Vitamin & mineral supplementation of livestock

If you missed the first meeting earlier this year, you can catch up with our event summary, but please feel free to come along to this event – you don’t need to have attended the first meeting.

Please use the booking form below to secure your place and to help us arrange catering.

The Uist Soil & Nutrient Network is one of 12 groups across Scotland.  Find out what topics the other groups have discussed from our webpage.


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