Upland Habitats And The Impacts Of Herbivores – Isle of Lewis


For upland managers, it is important to recognise different upland habitats and be able to identify their condition in relation to management.

Upland habitats event on Jura - group of people in an upland habitat learning about what indicators to look for when assessing for herbivore damage

This event is targeted to upland estates, common grazings, stalkers and land managers to help assess impacts on blanket bog and upland heathland habitats of herbivores and has been endorsed by the Wild Deer Best Practice Guides (WDBP)

Peatland habitats are determined by peat depth, which influences heather and bog vegetation.  The peatland vegetation condition and height is determined by the level of grazing and trampling.  Good habitat condition is important for supporting wildlife and for optimum carbon storage capacity both important factors in sustainable land management.

This event will include an indoor session looking at some of the basic principles in the Best Practice Guides, and a site visit in the afternoon with practical experience of setting out quadrats using the standard herbivore impact assessment methods.  We will also discuss management to achieve favourable habitat condition.

This event is open to all and free to attend, but booking is essential – please use the form below to secure your place.

Similar events are being held on 5 November in Caithness, and near Inverness on 22 November.


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