Upland Habitats and Impact of Herbivores – Drymen

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Address: The Square, Drymen G63 0BL

We need sustainable upland habitats

The impacts of grazing of both domestic and wild herbivores affect the long term sustainability of upland habitats. For upland managers it is important to recognise these different upland habitats and be able to identify their condition in relation to management.  Good habitat condition is important for supporting wildlife and for optimum carbon storage capacity both important factors in sustainable land management.

Upland habitat managementGroup of people around a quatrat on an area of blanket bog at the Glen Tanar Estate

This interactive meeting is targeted towards anyone interested in learning to assess herbivore impacts on upland heathland habitats and blanket bogs.  The day will include a short indoor session looking at some of the basic principals of the survey technique outlined in the Best Practice Management Guides.  Later, there will be a site visit with a practical session in carrying out a survey.

This event will start with an indoor session at the Winnock Hotel, followed by an afternoon session at the nearby Montrose Estate.

Other events are being held at Sutherland & Wester Ross.

Although this event is open to all and free to attend, booking is essential.  Please use the form below to secure your place.

As this meeting will have an outdoor session, please bring appropriate clothing and footwear. Farming For a Better Climate logo

Blanket bog is a hugely important store of carbon, and intact blanket bog with a good layer of bog mosses, are especially valuable because they are actively forming peat and storing carbon.  To find out more about reducing your carbon footprint and how to adapt to climate change visit the Farming For a Better Climate website.


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