Using Protected Urea to Protect The Planet & Your Pocket!

Join us at 7:15 pm on Wednesday 9th December to learn more about Protected Urea from our guest speaker, Dr David Wall, Research Officer – Soil Science, Teagasc will explain what we’re all missing.

Protected or Treated Urea gives:

  • 78% reduction in Ammonia emissions compared to Urea (important as UK Government consulting on the need to reduce ammonia losses from using urea)
  • 71% reduction in Nitrous Oxide emissions compared to CAN (important as N2O is 300 times more damaging than CO2)
  • Grass yields similar to CAN
  • 11% cheaper/unit N compared to Nitram

Ireland, faced with EU 2030 Green Deal targets “to reduce nutrient losses by 50%” and “reduce the use of fertiliser by 20%”,  has stated that “moving to Protected Urea is the single largest tool on the table to reduce emissions”.  So why are Scottish farmers not making this first choice when ordering fertiliser?

Use the link to register your place on this not to be missed & free to attend webinar.  Once you enter your details your registration will be confirmed by email with all of the details of how to join in on Wednesday 9th!