Varieties Disease & Pest Control in Combinable Crops an Integrated Crop Management (ICM) approach – West Lothian


Pesticide products that growers previously relied upon are being withdrawn due to the cost of re-registration or wider environmental concerns.

Integrated Crop Management (ICM) is about developing a more integrated and holistic approach to crop management.  This meeting will highlight the principles of ICM and give examples of how you can simply implement these principles on your farm.

Join us to hear from leading experts about:

  • Using varieties and cultural control –Henry Creissen, SRUC
  • Clubroot, pest management and slug control following loss of metaldehyde – Andy Evans, SRUC
  • Greening rules for 2019 and using field margins – Paul Chapman, SAC Consulting
  • Using precision technology

Improving crop output can help with farm profitability, particularly when management allows for a reduction in crop inputs to achieve a better harvest.  These improvements can also help improve the farm carbon footprint and when considering options to counter the loss of chemical pesticides, often the ICM alternatives will benefit biodiversity on the farm by improving habitats for natural predators.  To find out more about how to improve your farm carbon footprint, visit

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The video below highlights some of what was discussed at an ICM event last year, some of which will be covered at this event.


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