Virtual Fencing Tech Roadshow – Renfrewshire


Farmers and landowners have been told that the uptake of new technologies and innovations will be hugely important in improving herd efficiency and tackling climate change, and at the same time they are being urged to halt biodiversity declines and the retreat from Scotland’s hills, virtual fencing is a crosscutting technology with potential to contribute positively to all these issues. Use of virtual fencing technology in the UK and Scotland has been on a slow increase for a few years now, with many interested parties looking at its potential to improve grazing efficiency, protect vulnerable habitats and improve livestock safety and welfare. By kind permission of the Graham and Duff families, the Farm Advisory Service invites you, Wednesday 21st September @ 11am to Lukeston farm to hear about virtual fencing and how it can be a boost for your herd and your hill.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.