Water Scarcity & Irrigation


We would like to hear your views on actions that could be taken to help plan and mitigate such events and what useful steps can be taken to avoid licence suspensions. It is also an opportunity for you to provide feedback to SEPA on recent water scarcity events. An open dialogue is encouraged, so that everyone can better understand the key issues and barriers at play.


The workshop is intended to be a dialogue on water usage and inform and learn from both farmers and SEPA’s experiences over the last few dry summers.


The workshop will be held on Wednesday 13th December at 10am at the Maitlandfield Hotel, 24 Sidegate, Haddington EH41 4BZ. Bacon rolls will be provided on arrival.


In attendance will be Craig Bothwell, Agricultural Consultant with SAC along with Susan Arnott and Wull Dryburgh from SEPA.