West Moss-side Organic Farm – Connecting people with the farming and natural landscapes through agritourism, rare breed cattle and arts & creative events webinar

  • August 17 2022
    7:30pm - 9:00pm

Kate Sankey has farmed organically with wildlife and sustainability principles since 1998. She has strong links with the natural world and creativity.  Over the years, Kate has developed the farm business taking inspiration directly from her surroundings. She has diversified into agritourism, promoting a sense of well-being, selling rare breed beef directly to customers, hosting on-farm events to add value to the natural assets and connect with visitors. Kate is passionate about sharing her story, regenerative farming principles, and forming stronger relationships between farmers and local communities.


We will also be joined by Ceri Ritchie, from SAC Consulting Food and Enterprise, who will discuss some upcoming initiatives across Scotland including Foraging Fortnight, and the AgriScot Diversified Farm of the Year Award.


Join us on Wednesday 17th August at 7.30pm to hear Kate’s story and how she engages with people to add value to her business.