Women in Agriculture: Aberdeenshire – Improving Flock Management


Sheep farming is coming under ever increasing pressure. The oncoming implications of Brexit; regardless of the outcome; puts huge importance on efficiency, performance and management. Health and nutrition will be the focus of this workshop on ensuring your flock is in the strongest position it can be.

Local vets from Woodside Vets will cover

  • Fluke and worms in sheep and when it is best time to treat
  • Clinical symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments available
  • The importance of rotating flukicides and wormers with different active ingredients to avoid resistance
  • When is best to use certain active ingredients to target the worms/fluke in their life cycle
  • Foot-rot control and foot health, including prevention and treatment

Kirsten Williams, SAC Specialist, will be getting hands on with condition scoring and taking the group through a ‘Tup MOT’ ahead of the forthcoming tupping season.

As this is an on farm event remember to wear suitable clothing and footwear which can be disinfected.
Please remember to book your place using the form below as lunch will be provided.


Bookings are no longer available for this event.