Women in Agriculture, Argyll: Polytunnel Production – Maximising Value Through The Use Of Space


Maximising the value of your polytunnel or growing area through use of space amongst other techniques will be explained by horticulture lecturer and expert Ruth Vichos from SRUC at our March Women in Agriculture meeting. We will also be joined by practitioner Sally Weaser who will discuss her experiences from her first year growing and selling from her polytunnel. This meeting follows on from last year’s popular All about Polytunnels meeting. Come and join us for more polytunnel growing ideas and get the best out of your growing space.


Join our on-line discussion to learn more about getting the most from your Polytunnel growing area on Monday 1st March at 7pm, as part of the Argyll Women in Agriculture group.

During this meeting Ruth Vichos, SRUC horticultural lecturer, will explain how to

  • Maximise the value of your growing area
  • Get the best from your polytunnel space


  • Experiences from a first year selling polytunnel produce
  • Your questions on polytunnels and growing answered

Take this opportunity to learn how to maximise value of polytunnel growing from our SRUC horticultural lecturer, discuss your ideas, get help from people who have tried it already and share your ideas.