Women in Agriculture, Western Isles: Preparation for Lambing


Preparation for lambing on the croft – Spring 2022

What stands between your pregnant ewe and a healthy lamb (or three)?

Join Kirsten Williams and Siobhan Macdonald of SAC Consulting, as well as North Uist crofter and vet Ealasaid Dick, to discuss the critical last few weeks before lambing and care of the neonate lamb.

In this online workshop there will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and the following topics will be covered:

  • colostrum management – including sourcing and storage
  • nutrition and practicalities of feeding
  • condition scoring
  • neonatal management
  • fostering lambs
  • hypothermia treatment
  • handy equipment
  • top tips
  • general veterinary care

We all look forward to seeing you virtually and sharing experience!