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Agribusiness News Audio April 2023

Welcome to the April 2023 edition of Agribusiness News, brought to you by the Farm Advisory Service (FAS). Agribusiness news helps you to scan your horizon, prepare for industry changes and keeps you abreast of the latest research and policy updates.  

Along with our regular monthly updates on policy briefs, cereals, beef, sheep and milk, in this edition we are also bringing you 2 sector overviews on the budget and Northern Ireland Protocol. We will also be bringing you news on the 2022-23 Farm Business Survey and seasonal workers. 

Show Notes  

00.49:-News in Brief
02.44:-Policy Briefs – SFA, EFA, Small Producers Fund 
06.44:-Cereals and Oilseeds – Wheat prices beginning to bounce back
10.55:-Beef – Tight supply sees solid price.
14.16:-Sheep – Input costs affecting performance. 
17.14:-Sector Focus – Budget update
22.35:-Milk – February boost to milk output
27.58:-Management Matters – 2022-23 Farm Business Survey 
32.15:-Sector Focus – Northern Ireland Protocol Update
37.44:-Input Costs – Seasonal Workers

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