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Rural Roundup Bonus Content: Cara Cameron Loch View Rural Training

Cara Cameron is a Welsh girl living in the Scottish highlands with a love of the outdoors and agriculture. She has a thirst for knowledge and also loves to be able to pass on her experiences to others. After her time studying agriculture at SRUC (formerly SAC) at Craibstone in Aberdeen, she then went on to complete a post-grad in Organic farming. Cara launched Lochview Rural Training from her own croft in Sutherland in 2021.

Lochview Rural Training is situated in the beautiful Sutherland landscape. A social enterprise and registered Scottish Charity, with the key aim to promote, organise and deliver rural learning, training and career opportunities. Cara is passionate about improving awareness, knowledge and access to the rural landscape and promoting understanding of the value of rural life to social wellbeing for all. Lochview Rural Training offers a range of training for anyone from 7 years to adult. Calum Johnston, one of our FAS advisors, and FAS TV Producers sat down with Cara to find out more about Loch View Rural Training, and the amazing impact it has on the families and people who visit.

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