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In Conversation With… – Peaks and Troughs of Grass and Water

Welcome to the second episode of In Conversation With… hosted this month by Senior Sheep and Beef Consultant Kirsten Williams. This show is produced in association with the Scottish Government. On today’s episode Kirsten is joined by Poppy Frater (Senior Consultant, SAC Consulting) and Kerr Adams (Research Scientist, The James Hutton Institute). They discuss grass and water management and look at how to build resilience into a system. Also, the wet winter, late spring and how to manage grass growth and maximise productivity. To round off the discussion, our panel look ahead to the summer months, trends and how to plan for possible drought problems.

Episode Timestamps

00.00 Introduction

01.29 Making best use of pasture

02.35 Three leaf rule

04.19 Grass target heights – hitting the sweet spot

05.45 Value of rest

10.30 Effect of a changing climate on water availability

11:55 Climatic water balance projections

15.23 Water footprint

18.52 Strategies to increase water holding capacity

21.59 Sheep are the solution!

22.15 Building resilience into the system

25.45 Learning from others

28.18 Software to help manage supply and demand. Scenario planning.

32.42 Forage crops

33.16 Cashflow

34.35 Change one little thing

38.50 Key message for managing grass supplies

39.34 Key message for managing water supplies

41.17 Kirsten’s take home message

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