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Natural Capital – Trees on Farm

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It’s a brand-new series of Natural Capital with a brand-new host! To kick things off Harry speaks to Scottish Forestry’s Lyn White, who is their forestry and farming development officer. Lyn promotes an integrated approach to farming and forestry, to aid understanding and explore opportunities for them to work more effectively together. We discuss working with farmers to maximise the benefits to farms, the farmer-led Integrating Trees Network and all things agroforestry. We discuss the multiple benefits that planting trees can bring to agriculture, including providing shelter, improving productivity, diversifying income, creating habitats and combating climate change.

Host Harry Fisher, Producer Iain Boyd, Executive Producer Kerry Hammond, Editor Ross Mackenzie.


0:55 – 15:05 Lyn’s role and the benefits of agroforestry and integrating trees to farmland.
15:06 – 26:05 Agroforestry, considerations, challenges, and grant options.
26:06 – 33:52 Integrating trees network and farmer led initiatives.
33:53 – 40:05 Farmer hesitancies, where to get more info and making the most of your land.


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