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Natural Flood Management II – Crookston Farm, Galashiels

Join farmer Jim Sinclair from Crookston Farm near Galashiels as he chats with Hugh Chalmers from the Tweed Forum and Agricultural Consultant Chris McDonald about the Natural Flood Management measures he’s incorporated on his farm.

2017 Tweed Forum River Champion, Jim Sinclair farms approximately 800 ha near Galashiels.  The farm is prone to flooding which impacts further downstream to the local town of Galashiels.

Working alongside Hugh Chalmers from the Tweed Forum, Jim has invested on his farm to improve the river management on the water that runs through is farm to reduce the impact of flooding on the farm with measures such as retention ponds and planting 50 ha of woodland.

In this podcast, we hear directly from Jim about what he’s done and the benefits he’s seen.  Agricultural consultant Chris McDonald and Hugh Chalmers from the Tweed Forum join Jim to discuss natural flood management options and the wider benefits that they can bring.

Photo credit of works completed at Crookston Farm to Keith Robeson

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