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In episode three of this Natural Capital Series, we are joined by Dr Emily Taylor to explore the very relevant and important topic of peatlands. Peatlands are a key part of the Scottish landscape covering over 20% of the land. Healthy peatlands are valuable carbon stores and provide many ecosystem services and benefits to people and nature. We discuss the importance and value of this natural capital resource, the various work that is ongoing to protect and restore peatland and what land managers can do to look after it.

Dr Emily Taylor is a peatland specialist and leads the Crichton Carbon Centre, overseeing all of their projects. Emily has developed, and is delivering, the highly popular Peatland Action Restoration Events throughout Scotland.

The Earth’s soils, rocks, air, water, plants and animals are all valuable resources that provide a wide range of services and benefits. These resources need to be carefully managed and maintained to support a healthy functioning environment. In this Natural Capital podcast series, hosted by Rachel Smillie we will explore different natural capital assets and their value to Scottish agriculture and the rural economy, including the opportunities and risks for the future.

Hosted by Rachel Smillie, produced by Iain Boyd, editor Ross Mackenzie, executive producer Kerry Hammond.


What is peatland? : 2:22 – 8:52

What is involved in peatland restoration? : 8:53 – 13:47

Peatland Action and The Peatland Code : 13:47 – 18:57

Ecosystem services and land use : 18:57 – 29:05

Advice to landowners and potential financial benefits : 30:58 – 34:17


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