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Rural Round Up (June 29th)

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This fortnight’s roundup features updates on the Cereal, Wool, and Pig market. As well as a warning about increased tick burdens in sheep and cattle. Janette Sutherland is back with the first instalment of her personal development bookclub, and we speak with Agricalc and Agricultural consultant Anna Sellars to find out more about her and what’s on her desk.
On this episode:
0:24 – Rural Roundup with Tiffany McTaggart
3:55 – Personal Development Bookclub with Janette Sutherland
6:23 – 13th of June Women in Agriculture Event ‘Get The Most Out Of Your Soil’
7:48 – 30th June – Wedding Venues & Diversification at Cairns Farm
8:34 – 21st July – Farming Organically at West Moss Farm
8:48 – 5th July – Arable Scotland Is Back!
10:20 – ‘What’s On Your Desk’ with Anna Sellars
16:18 – How to like and subscribe for moreFor more information, visit
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