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Rural Roundup -14th December

We just want to clarify that the AECS Capital, Sustainable Agriculture Grant Scheme (SACGS) and PSF Carbon Audit/Soil Analysis claim deadlines are the 28th February 2023.

If you have AECS Capital Items the work for these must be completed by December 31st 2022.

In this fortnight’s edition we get the latest news from Tiffany MacTaggart, who is joined by Robert Ramsay and George Chalmers to discuss what’s happening in the agricultural sector, I (Kerry Hammond) bring you the latest useful resources and events from the Farm Advisory Service, and I talk to Alistair Trail a Principal Food & Enterprise Consultant about his work with Food & Drink businesses, and how some farmers are adding value by making food products.

00:00:00 Intro
00:27:589 Rural Roundup
16:07:582 Advertising Segment
18:18:236 What’s on Your Desk
26:40:055 Outro

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