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Newly planted conifer saplings on a hill looking down across countryside with a rainbow landing in the middle of the background.

Podcast: Woodlands Maintenance

26 January 2021


For more information about Woodland Creation & Management visit our Farm Woodlands section. In this podcast, Forestry Consultant Ben Law discusses woodland maintenance with Eric Boyd, a forestry contractor with…

A thumbnail image of the pdf copy of Technical Note (TN738) Hedges - Carbon, Conservation & Compliance

Technical Note (TN738): Hedges – Carbon, Conservation & Compliance

Technical Note (TN738): Hedges – Carbon, Conservation & Compliance When it comes to hedges it is important to remember the three Cs: Carbon, Conservation & Compliance.  Hedges dominate the farmed…

Hedges – Cultivating, Cutting and Carbon Capture

10 December 2020


In this video, Agricultural Consultant, Alex Pirie, provides a good overview of what to think about when considering planting, or how you manage hedgerows on the farm.  Alex introduces the…

Farm Management Handbook 2020/21

The 41st edition of the Farm Management Handbook is an essential tool for any progressive farm business, providing a comprehensive and up-to-date source of information for farmers, rural professionals, students…

Photo of a cupped handful of soil. Growing out of the soil is a young tree sapling that has rolls of paper money notes attached to the main stem. The photo is titled 'Money Tree' and the photo makes it look like the hand is holding a tree that is growing paper money!

Farm Woodlands Information Sheet: Woodland Creation and Carbon Sales

29 October 2020

With the strengthening global concern around climate change and the impact our emissions are having across the globe, companies and countries alike are searching for a solution to try cool our climate and capture the vast quantities of CO2 that have been created since the industrial revolution. Trees have the potential to play a major part in the global effort to solve the climate crisis we currently face.

The cover page from the Farm Woodland News, Autumn 2020 edition. There is an autumnal photo as a background with a field in the background, with two deciduous trees in the foreground; there is a low autumnal sun and a red glow to the photo. On the left hand side of the photo there is a list of the featured articles within the newsletter.

Farm Woodland News (FWN 35) Autumn 2020

14 October 2020

Use the link above to download the latest Farm Woodland News.  Articles this edition include: Off-cuts Getting permission to fell trees Join FAS events from home, catch up online An…

Felled logs stacked in a coniforous forest setting.

Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Woodlands

24 September 2020


For this episode, Alex Pirie is joined by David Eadie, a woodlands consultant, to discuss the potential of woodland planting and management in the upland environment. Scotland has gone leaps…

A photo of the title slide from the 'Woodland Creation & Management - Managing existing woodlands' webinar. The background behind the title box shows a young deciduous trees that are planted in a linear formation.

Webinar: Woodland Creation & Management Part 3 – Managing Existing Woodlands

30 July 2020


    This is a recording of the third and final webinar in our Woodland Creation & Management series. In this episode, we hear from a range of panellists about…

Webinar: Woodland Creation & Management – Part 2: Successful Woodland Establishment

    In the second of our series of Woodland Creation & Management webinars, we took an in-depth look at how to manage the successful establishment of new woodlands. Our…

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