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a field of green manure

Nutrient Strategy – Green Manures

3 February 2021


In this episode George Gauley is joined by David Fuller – Shapcott from Sweethope Farm, near Kelso along with Audrey Litterick from Earth care technical. David uses a low tillage…

Soil Association Scotland’s Farming with Nature Knowledge Transfer Programme

Farming with Nature (FWN) was a three-year knowledge transfer and skills development programme designed to work with farmers, crofters and environmental practitioners to support nature friendly farming by integrating profitable…

a close-up of compost

Nutrient Strategy – Compost

26 January 2021


For further detail on soil organic matter & composting please visit the Farm Advisory Service’s Kerchesters Farm webpage. In this episode George Gauley is joined by Jim McFarlane from Edrington…

Powerpoint slide 'Nitrogen Fertiliser Management'

Webinar: Protecting Urea

        In this webinar we heard from David Wall, Research officer in soil science from Teagasc talking about protected urea, the impact this has on emissions and…

SAC Consultant standing in the middle of a mown field.

Derelict to Productive: Soil Sampling for CAGS

26 January 2021


Taking on a new piece of ground that has been neglected for some time can often feel like an overwhelming obstacle, particularly for newer entrants with the financial costs being…

A farmer stood at the bottom of a newly dug drainage ditch

Derelict to Productive: Drainage

26 January 2021


The importance of drainage and maintaining drains can often be an overlooked step when managing croft ground. The benefits to spending time and effort into your field or croft drainage…

A SAC Consultant stood in a field.

Derelict to Productive: Soil Texture Structure

26 January 2021


SAC Consultant Louisa Habermann talks through how to better understand the differences between soil texture and soil structure, how best to identify these soil characteristics, and details out methods of…

A pile of soil in the middle of a field

Soil & Nutrient Network – Lanarkshire

23 January 2021


Most farmers understand the importance of applying lime however how many are applying regularly, at the correct rate and the correct type? In this podcast, part of the Lanarkshire Nutrient…

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