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Did you know you can get specialist advice on crop and plant health, as part of an Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP)?  FAS can help fund an adviser to visit your business and provide you with a specialist advice plan in any two of the following areas:

Improved farm efficiency | Climate change adaptation and mitigation | Soil and nutrient management | Biodiversity, habitat and landscape management | Woodland management and conservation | Water pollution, prevention and control | Organics | Archaeological and historic site advice | Animal welfare


    Rhynchosporium leaf scald in barley

    Rhynchosporium is a disease that is so common in our barley crops that it is probably assumed that we know everything there is to know about it. But it is a…

    Integrated Crop Management and New Technology (Borders)

    Jorin and Aidan Grimsdale of Mountfair Farming have seen a significant reduction in soil compaction following the introduction of controlled traffic farming in their arable fields. The business has been…

    More changes in yellow rust in wheat

    Yellow rust is one of those wheat diseases that, once experienced, is never forgotten. Severe infections strip green leaf away almost like a herbicide and decimate yield – badly affected…

    Improving Crop Health & Business Resilience (Lanark) – event summary

    It is becoming increasingly challenging for cereal growers faced with unpredictable weather, loss of chemistry and new and increasing disease threats. This has been shown this year with the explosion…

    Cereal Trials Open Evening: Improving Crop Health & Business Resilience – event summary

    The SFAS crop health and business resilience event highlighted a positive outlook for grain markets, promising new varieties for wheat and barley, declines in disease sensitivity to some fungicides, changes…

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    Leatherjackets on soil

    Integrated Crop Management – Elmwood Campus, Fife

    Due to the reduction in availability of effective crop protection products the development of more integrated crop management (ICM) methods will help farmers to adopt a more holistic approach to crop production with benefits to soil and field biodiversity.

    Integrated Crop Management and Soils – Perth

    Integrated Crop Management approaches are vital to combat the reduction in pesticide products now available on the market. This meeting will take a look ahead at crop and soil management…

    Orange particles in the soil denotes water logging

    Lanarkshire Soil & Nutrient Network – Third Meeting

    Putting nutrient budgeting into practice. The third meeting of the Soil and Nutrient Network farm will focus on putting into practice the nutrient budgeting principles learnt at previous meetings. Calculations…

    Integrated Crop Management & New Technology – Lothians

    By kind permission of Alistair Robertson  What is this about? Pesticide products that growers previously relied on are being withdrawn due to the cost of re-registration or wider environmental concerns….

    Islay Barley: Improving Crop Health

    At this meeting, we will be sharing information about the latest spring barley varieties and promoting awareness of crop health and disease management using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

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    Technical Note: (TN685) Sulphur Recommendations for Crops

    Sulphur (S) is an essential crop nutrient that has received less attention in the past as the supply from industrial emissions sources have been sufficient to meet annual requirements for…

    TN643 – Weed Management in Grassland

    TN643 – Weed Management in Grassland

    Technical note (TN657): Management of copper in soils for cereals

    The soils of Scotland have developed from a range of complex geological parent materials that vary widely in composition. In the relatively young soils over much of the UK, the parent material remains the dominant factor in determining the soil copper status.

    Technical note (TN656): Soils information, texture and liming

    Scotland’s soils have been comprehensively surveyed, classified, and studied over the past 75 years. Understanding and using this information at the farm level has up till now been difficult due to its complexity and the accessibility of information.

    Technical note (TN655): Fertiliser recommendations for soft fruit and rhubarb crops

    Soft fruit crops tend to be in the ground for several years. It is therefore very important to address problems of soil acidity and nutrient deficiency before planting, since it will be much more difficult to do so once crops have been planted.

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    Pollinator Strategy for Scotland

    Powerpoint_North east organic group 2

    Powerpoint_Growing a Grass Wedge

    PowerPoint – Cropping Alternatives

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