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Did you know you can get specialist advice on crop and plant health, as part of an Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP)?  FAS can help fund an adviser to visit your business and provide you with a specialist advice plan in any two of the following areas:

Improved farm efficiency | Climate change adaptation and mitigation | Soil and nutrient management | Biodiversity, habitat and landscape management | Woodland management and conservation | Water pollution, prevention and control | Organics | Archaeological and historic site advice | Animal welfare


    Oilseed rape sclerotinia management

    Oilseed rape will start to pull away rapidly now that spring finally seems to have arrived and, in Scotland’s often tight oilseed rape rotations,  sclerotinia risk will be important when…

    Using thresholds to determine which crops are at risk from pollen beetles

    Once crops are at green-yellow bud, there is a risk from pollen beetle damage to the buds, giving rise to blind-stalks with no flowers or pods forming on them. Pollen…

    Septoria – still much to learn

    Septoria leaf blotch is such an endemic problem in Scottish wheat crops that it hardly raises an eyebrow. Its control is the main focus of spray programmes and we seem…

    Fungicide resistance risk still climbing

    The Fungicide Resistance Action Group (UK) met in March to look at the most recent results and to debate guidance. Naturally discussions on septoria took a good part of the…

    Early disease management in cereals

    The vanishing snow will leave ground conditions wetter than ever so we are probably some way away from early fungicide treatments in winter wheat and barley crops. Fortunately the need…

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    Mid Argyll meeting on rushes in collaboration with NFUS

    NFU Scotland and Farm Advisory Service are holding a meeting on rush control on Wednesday 21st February from 3.30 pm onwards at Kilmartin Hotel, Kilmartin, Lochgilphead, Argyll, PA31 8RQ. It…

    Islay Barley: Improving Crop Health

    At this meeting, we will be sharing information about the latest spring barley varieties and promoting awareness of crop health and disease management using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach.

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    TN687 – Managing Arable Farmland for Biodiversity

    TN687 Managing Arable Farmland for Biodiversity

    TN696 – Recommended grass and clover varieties 2017-2018

    Technical note (TN696): Recommended grass and clover varieties 2017-2018  

    Technical Note: (TN685) Sulphur Recommendations for Crops

    Sulphur (S) is an essential crop nutrient that has received less attention in the past as the supply from industrial emissions sources have been sufficient to meet annual requirements for…

    TN643 – Weed Management in Grassland

    TN643 – Weed Management in Grassland

    Technical note (TN657): Management of copper in soils for cereals

    The soils of Scotland have developed from a range of complex geological parent materials that vary widely in composition. In the relatively young soils over much of the UK, the parent material remains the dominant factor in determining the soil copper status.

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    TN692 Spring Barley Weed Control

    Technical note (TN696): Recommended grass and clover varieties 2017-2018

    The agricultural industry in Scotland is co-operating in a scheme to ensure the continuation of the SRUC Recommended List of grass and clover varieties. The scheme, with the support of NFUS,AIC, SSTA and BSPB, involves a contribution for every kilogram of herbage seed sold.

    Audrey Litterick’s Presentation slides from the Soil Management in Grassland Systems event

    This is a copy of Audrey Litterick’s presentation slides from the ‘Soil Management in Grassland Systems’ event in Nairn during March 2018

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