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The benefits of farm forestry

Most people plant and manage woodlands to meet objectives directly relevant to their own needs. Traditionally, farm woodlands were planted for shelter, timber production, amenity and game cover or a combination of these. More recently, wildlife conservation and biosecurity have become important objectives, as has the appreciation of woodlands’ ability to lock up carbon dioxide and help combat global warming. New, often very local, markets for woodfuel have helped to substantially the income from the sale of timber.

Woodlands can also have wider benefits – for example, improving the local landscape or water quality. Local communities may also benefit from the rural jobs that woodland work creates and from new recreational opportunities.

For more information on support for forestry development, visit our Forestry Grant Scheme page.

Did you know you can get specialist advice on farm woodlands, as part of an Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP)?  FAS can help fund an adviser to visit your business and provide you with a specialist advice plan in any two of the following areas:

Improved farm efficiency | Climate change adaptation and mitigation | Soil and nutrient management | Biodiversity, habitat and landscape management | Woodland management and conservation | Water pollution, prevention and control | Organics | Archaeological and historic site advice | Animal welfare


    Farm woodlands case study – First Thinning at Myreton Farm

    Clive Streeter lives at Myreton, near Keith in Moray.  In 1997 Clive decided to plant seventy two hectares of commercial forestry under the Grampian Forest Challenge Fund, leaving just a…

    Turning over a New Leaf – The Importance of Shelter on the Croft – Event Summary

    This meeting took place in Great Bernera on the far west coast of Lewis with a croft tour of small woodland habitat and a demonstration of planting techniques in the village of Kirkibost. 

    Scottish farmers offered support to access £252m available for woodland planting and management

    The Farm Advisory Service (FAS) is offering funded support to help Scottish farmers manage and establish woodland and access a share of the £252 million available through the Forestry Grant…

    Using Forestry to Benefit your Business – Event Summary

    We recently held two meetings on the 17th January. The first during the day at the Arran Outdoor Centre followed by an evening meeting at the SAC Consulting Office in Auchincruive Office. These meetings focused on how woodlands can work alongside your farming business.

    Woodland Management, Conservation and Shooting – Ladybank – Event Summary

      Good planning is essential to ensure that the different options complement each other rather than work against each other.  These different options would include things such as the mix…

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    Maximising the value of your timber

    Event exploring the value of your timber and how to maximise income from thinning and clear felling. Aimed at crofters, farmers and estate managers.

    Venues: Jurys Inn Event Tags: North Topics: Farm Woodlands

    Don’t be sheepish about woodland creation

    Event exploring the options for woodland creation, looking at site selection, FGS options, forestry cycle and benefits of woodland creation.

    Venues: An Crub Event Tags: West Topics: Farm Woodlands

    Diversifying your business with woodland creation

    Event exploring the options and funding available for woodland creation to help diversify your business. Aimed at crofters, farmers and estate managers.

    Venues: Jurys Inn Event Tags: North Topics: Farm Woodlands

    Borders Small Farms Workshop

    With spring upon us; We will focus on how to manage your grassland and woodlands to maximise its potential.

    Commercial Forestry Planting on an Active Farm

    This meeting will look at integrating commercial forestry planting onto an active farm. The meeting will explore the sometimes difficult balance between tree planting on a commercial scale and maintaining…

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    Farm Woodland news

    Latest news from The FAS Woodlands team

    Farm Woodlands Technical Notes

    TN690 – Protecting Young Woodlands from Vole Damage TN691 – Plants and Planting Methods TN695 – Pruning to improve timber quality

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    Farm Woodland News

    TN695 – Pruning to improve timber quality

    The Scottish Forestry Strategy lists improving timber quality as a priority for action because “high quality timber is more likely to meet future markets and is also more likely to find a permanent use thereby assisting carbon sequestration”.

    TN691 – Plants and Planting Methods

    Forest nurseries offer a wide range of plants that can vary considerably in terms of size, provenance, age and method of
    production. There is also a variety of techniques you can use for tree planting and ground preparation.

    TN690 – Protecting Young Woodlands from Vole Damage

    For many years grant schemes have encouraged farmers to create new woodlands using broadleaved species. Woodlands on agricultural land have to face a variety of problems especially weed competition and animal damage. Successfully establishing a young woodland requires careful attention to design detail and several years of maintenance. Unfortunately many woodlands do not receive the attention they require and high levels of tree mortality occur. In some cases the owners have had to repay grants to the Forestry Commission.

    Farm Woodland News March 2017

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