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The benefits of farm forestry

Most people plant and manage woodlands to meet objectives directly relevant to their own needs. Traditionally, farm woodlands were planted for shelter, timber production, amenity and game cover or a combination of these. More recently, wildlife conservation and biosecurity have become important objectives, as has the appreciation of woodlands’ ability to lock up carbon dioxide and help combat global warming. New, often very local, markets for woodfuel have helped to substantially the income from the sale of timber.

Woodlands can also have wider benefits – for example, improving the local landscape or water quality. Local communities may also benefit from the rural jobs that woodland work creates and from new recreational opportunities.

For more information on support for forestry development, visit our Forestry Grant Scheme page.

Did you know you can get specialist advice on farm woodlands, as part of an Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP)?  FAS can help fund an adviser to visit your business and provide you with a specialist advice plan in any two of the following areas:

Improved farm efficiency | Climate change adaptation and mitigation | Soil and nutrient management | Biodiversity, habitat and landscape management | Woodland management and conservation | Water pollution, prevention and control | Organics | Archaeological and historic site advice | Animal welfare


    Farm Forestry for Profit – event summary

    At the recent event at Auchintender we saw that better land forestry planting and maintenance can be largely mechanised, leading to a great reduction in establishment costs. Grant income can exceed the costs and in many cases it is possible to gain extra income from the sale of carbon credits.

    Benefits of Small Scale Woodland – event summary

    There were many positive discussions regarding woodland creation and the practical measures to be taken to achieve the goal of creating a woodland area.  The existing woodlands visited were impressive and an inspiration to the attendees who do not currently have woodland cover on their property.

    Design and Management for Woods and Wildlife – event summary

    There was great feedback from those who attended our event on Thursday 29th June. Here are a few key points from the day: Our host, Alan Twatt, explained why he…

    Woodland Shelterbelts: An Alternative to Housing? – event summary

    A practical and informative afternoon to discuss current woodland options and how they can benefit the croft, common grazings and livestock production systems.  The meeting looked into the benefits of…


    Thinning And Harvesting Your Woodland – event summary

    We had a very successful day with many farmers and forestry contractors attending the event at Meadows Farm on Thursday 9th March. This event allowed attendees to learn about harvesting and thinning their woodlands….

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    Woodland Management, Conservation and Shooting – Ladybank

    The aim of the meeting is to demonstrate ways that farming, shooting, conservation and woodland management can all be worked into one system. Support under SRDP for planting woodlands and…

    Venues: Cantyhall Farm Event Tags: Central and east Topics: Farm Woodlands
    Ancient woodland with bluebell carpet

    Evening Workshop: Woodland Creation & Management on Farms – Alexandria

    Woodland Creation This evening workshop will highlight a range of woodland priorities within Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park and explore the different types and scale of woodland management and creation…


    Making woodlands pay in South West Scotland

    What’s the meeting about? As well as helping to reduce the impacts of climate change and providing timber for the industry, our forests enhance and protect the environment and opportunities…

    Are your Cows “FED” up

    An informative event on cattle health, woodland creation, AECS, fluke and winter feeding held at Brabsterdorran Farm, Bower.

    Venues: Brabsterdorran Farm Categories: Grassland Event Tags: North Topics: Animal welfare, Farm business, and Farm Woodlands
    Ancient woodland with bluebell carpet

    Workshop: Woodland Management & Creation on Farms

    Woodland Creation This workshop will highlight a range of woodland priorities within the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park and explore the different types and scale of woodland management and creation that…

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    Farm Woodland News March 2017

    Powerpoint Rob Black_Woodland Shelterbelts

    Powerpoint SEPA_Woodland Shelterbelts

    Powerpoint Douglas Priest_Woodland Shelterbelts

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