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Rearing Animals [BE.RA]

    Watch Condition of Autumn Calving Cows

    While it is ideal to manage cow condition throughout the year, this is often easier said than done.  Cows on good quality grass will put on condition rapidly.  Having over fat cows at calving time can cause issues with calving difficulty, fat cows also have a higher risk of metabolic issues around calving time. 

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    Magnesium For Autumn Calving Herds

    When we think about magnesium deficiency, we automatically think about grass staggers.  Many suckler herds do not experience problems with staggers in the spring and it tends to be in the autumn that staggers is more common, due to changeable and stormy weather conditions and a high passage rate of lush, wet grass through the digestive tract.  For autumn calving cows, the risk of staggers is lower pre-calving compared to lactating cows at this time as they have a lower requirement for magnesium.  However low magnesium pre-calving can cause metabolic issues around calving time such as subclinical milk fever or slow calving syndrome. 

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    Practical Steps To Reducing Lameness In Finishing Cattle

    As with most things in life, when it comes to lameness, prevention is always better than cure.  Lameness is recognised as a major issue in the dairy industry, with dairy producers spending a lot of time and money on treating and preventing lameness in their herds.  Although not such an acute issue in most beef herds, there is still potential to make changes to reduce lameness, particularly in finishing systems.

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