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Soil and Nutrient NetworkA group of people standing in a field discussing soil structure at the Girrick Farm Soil & Nutrient Network farm meeting

Soil and Nutrient Network farms are taking a ‘before and after’ look at how to protect and improve farm soils and make best use of both organic and inorganic fertilisers, saving money, benefitting yields and improving farm efficiency and resilience.

Improved soil and nutrient use could make your business more profitable, lower the farm carbon footprint and reduce diffuse pollution risks.

Even technically efficient farms can find small changes to current soil and nutrient management practices that could make a big difference.

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    Gavin Elrick discussing the maintance of a fertiliser spreader and N, P & K requirements during the recent West Lothian Soil & Nutrient Network event

    West Lothian Nutrient Network Farm Final Meeting – Event Summary

    The third and final meeting of the West Lothian Soil & Nutrient Network  was held at West Binny Farm.  The topics for discussion were GPS soil analysis, fertiliser, an update…

    Soil Scientist Bill Crooks giving a presentation to the Caithness Soil & Nutrient Network group

    Caithness Soil & Nutrient Network Final Meeting – Event summary

    This was the final of 3 visits to the Knockglass Soil & Nutrient Network Farm.  With the recent wet weather Gavin Elrick, soils & drainage expert  gave a very apt talk on…

    Gavin Elrick, soil & drainage expert, examining soil structure at Waternish Farm, Skye

    Soil & Nutrient Network – Case Study: Waternish Farm, Skye

    Introduction to Waternish Farm Waternish Farm, Isle of Skye, takes managing farm wildlife and biodiversity very seriously.    It is certainly understood by the Montgomery family whose “Farm Tours” diversification business…

    Group of farmers around a soil pit

    Soil & Nutrient Network – Case Study: East Balhalgardy, Aberdeenshire

    Introduction to Balhalgardy East Balhalgardy and the nearby unit of Auchencleith, farmed by brothers Bill and Alan Maitland, is a predominantly arable farm extending to 216 hectares on the outskirts…

    Clods of soil used to demonstrate differing soil structures at the Fife ICM meeting

    Integrated Crop Management Roadshow: Fife – Event Summary

    Integrated Crop Management – a more holistic approach that can benefit your farm yields This roadshow event was held at the Elmwood campus of SRUC on 25th January 2018 with…

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    Examining soil dug from a hole in a grass/clover field

    Angus Soil and Nutrient Network – Third & Final Meeting

    Organic Manures and Soil Quality Audrey Litterick – Earth Care Technical Making best use of that straw for muck deal, or being able to effectively use the nutrients in that…

    Gavin Elrick & Paul Hargreaves, soil specialists in a soil pit talking to a group of farmers

    Soil & Nutrient Network, Isle of Lewis – Final meeting + + NEW DATE + +

    The new date for this meeting is the 23rd March 10:30 – 14:30 Third & final meeting of the Isle of Lewis Soil & Nutrient Network This meeting is open…

    Examining soil dug from a hole in a grass/clover field

    Inverness-shire Soil and Nutrient Network Meeting

    Third and final meeting of this Soil & Nutrient Network group Improving farm soils and making best use of nutrients can make your business more efficient, help to reduce diffuse pollution…

    A handful of soil

    West Lothian Soil & Nutrient Network – Final meeting

    The last of the West Lothian Soil & Nutrient Network Farm meetings is to be held at West Binny Farm, Dechmont. The objective of the project is to look at soil and nutrient…

    #SoilMyUndies - a pair of underpants that have been buried in soil for at least 8 weeks. During this time they decompose, as this pair have done and this gives a visual indication of the health of your soils - the more holey/decomposed, the better the biological health of the soil

    Kintyre Soil & Nutrient Network – Third & final meeting

    Soiled Pants! This is the third and final meeting of the Kintyre Soil & Nutrient Network.  We will be focussing on soil health during this event with a recap of…

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    Technical Note: (TN685) Sulphur Recommendations for Crops

    Sulphur (S) is an essential crop nutrient that has received less attention in the past as the supply from industrial emissions sources have been sufficient to meet annual requirements for…

    Technical note (TN657): Management of copper in soils for cereals

    The soils of Scotland have developed from a range of complex geological parent materials that vary widely in composition. In the relatively young soils over much of the UK, the parent material remains the dominant factor in determining the soil copper status.

    Technical note (TN656): Soils information, texture and liming

    Scotland’s soils have been comprehensively surveyed, classified, and studied over the past 75 years. Understanding and using this information at the farm level has up till now been difficult due to its complexity and the accessibility of information.

    Technical note (TN655): Fertiliser recommendations for soft fruit and rhubarb crops

    Soft fruit crops tend to be in the ground for several years. It is therefore very important to address problems of soil acidity and nutrient deficiency before planting, since it will be much more difficult to do so once crops have been planted.

    Technical notes (TN652): Fertiliser recommendations for grassland

    The main limitations to grass production are temperature, moisture, soil pH, soil drainage and structure, and nitrogen (N). This technical note shows how to calculate the optimal amount of N that should be applied.

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    Poaching information document

    This is a copy of the handout available at the Wet Weather Resilience Planning events at Castle Kennedy & Wigtown

    Roxburghshire Soil & Nutrient Network: GPS Soil Sampling & Liming presentation slides

    During the final Roxburghshire Soil & Nutrient Network meeting, Donald Dunbar gave a presentation about GPS soil sampling and liming requirements. These are his presentation slides.

    Roxburghshire Soil & Nutrient Network: Fertiliser Spreader Calibration presentation slides

    These are the presentation slides used by Andy Baird during his discussion about calibration of a fertiliser sower during the final Roxburghshire Soil & Nutrient Network meeting.

    Roxburghshire Soil & Nutrient Network: Organic Matter – presentation slides from Audrey Litterick

    Audrey Litterick from Earthcare gave a presentation about Organic Matter during the final Roxburghshire Soil & Nutrient Network meeting. These are the presentation slides used by Audrey.

    Roxburghshire Soil & Nutrient Network: Girrick Farm Nutrient Budget presentation slides

    Presentation slides from the final Roxburghshire Soil & Nutrient Network Farm meeting. These slides show the nutrient budget process for Girrick Farm.

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