Design and Management for Woods and Wildlife

Are you thinking of creating new woodlands or wildlife habitats or do you have older woodlands on the farm? We have an event taking place on Thursday 29th June from 10.30am.

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Growing Trees On Farm; the beneficial impact – a Soil Association event (Dumfries)

A practical perspective of growing trees on farm, from initial design to planting, pruning, managing and processing. Highlighting the benefits, the options, lessons learned, funding and future plans. Includes a...

Farm Woodland News March 2017

Topics: Woodlands

Diversification – Woodlands & Renewables, Stranraer

Have you wondered about diversifying into woodlands or renewables? This meeting aims to inform farmers and land owners the future financial and business potential in both woodland and renewable energy as well as highlighting funding sources for these types of projects.

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Thinning And Harvesting Your Woodland

We had a very successful day with many farmers and forestry contractors attending the event at Meadows Farm on Thursday 9th March. This event allowed attendees to learn about harvesting and thinning their woodlands....

The Knock-on Effects of Flooding from Storm Frank and Mitigation Measures for the Future

Aberdeenshire, along with many other areas, have seen major flooding, losses of stock and land loss following Storm Frank. There will be specialists on drainage, conservation and woodlands in attendance to discuss mitigation measures against future flooding and possible options to lessen the damage caused if it were to happen again.

Woodland Mangement – Soil Association, Selkirk

Woodland management Woodland management, Woodfuel, Biomass boilers and getting on the list!  Supported by Usewoodfuel  A practical afternoon looking at benefits of woodland management and woodfuel supply. Discussing legal, sustainability...

Event Tags: South and South east Topics: Woodlands

Woodland Management – Soil Association, Aboyne

Woodland management Supported by Usewoodfuel A practical afternoon looking at benefits of woodland management and woodfuel supply. Discussing legal, sustainability and reporting requirements for sourcing biomass raw materials for use...

Venues: Aboyne Event Tags: North east Topics: Woodland and Woodlands

Agri Environment and Climate Scheme: The Habitat Mosaic option

The Habitat Mosaic Management option is one of many options that can be applied for in this scheme. It is a good flexible option with a reasonable payment rate of £104.63 per Ha per yr.