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Advice & Grants

Take advantage of government funding to create a sustainable and profitable future for your farm or croft.

An Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP) is your pathway to a sustainable and profitable future. Setting out your vision for your farm or croft, it provides a clear, achievable, step by step action plan that will take you there.

Advice line

For general enquiries or for more information about the service, phone the advice line on 0300 323 0161, email or explore this website in more detail.

The advice line covers a wide variety of topics including cross compliance, water framework directive requirements, climate change and other technical issues.

Regardless of farm size or business stage, the Scottish Farm Advisory Service can help you to increase the profitability and sustainability of your farming business through Government funding for one-to-one advice, worth up to a total of £3,700.

It is now possible to submit your forms online to make the process even easier; see our one-to-one services below to find out more.

Grants towards one-to-one advice

One-to-one services

Commission an adviser to undertake a confidential assessment of your business and help develop your plans for the future.

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As part of an ILMP, receive funding for 2 further specialist advice plans to take a deeper look at topics of interest.

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Identify where performance improvements and savings can be made.

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Up to 4 days with a personal mentor

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