Farm Performance in Scotland 2015/16

Whole Farm Benchmarks Use these benchmarks to analyse your accounts to look for options for lifting performance.   Enterprise Gross Margins Having analysed overall farm performance using whole farm benchmarks,…

Farm Scale Renewable Energy

SFAS Farm Renewables brochure 25.4.2017


Farm Woodland News

  March 2017 edition

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Milk Manager News

Milk Manager News – June 2017 Milk Manager News – May 2017 Milk Manager News – April 2017 Milk Manager News – March 2017 Milk Manager News – February 2017

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Technical notes

Technical notes

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Under reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), it is mandatory for farmers and crofters who apply to the Basic Payment Scheme to comply with Greening requirements.

Publication Type: Greening Publication Year: 2017
Agribusiness News

Agribusiness News

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Farm Management Handbook 2016-2017 cover

Farm Management Handbook 2016/2017

The essential guide for those involved with rural business.

Publication Type: Farm Management Handbook Publication Year: 2016
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Statutory management requirements (SMRs)

Under the 2015-2020 Common Agricultural Policy there are 13 statutory management requirements (SMRs) that apply in Scotland.

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Good agricultural and environmental conditions (GAECs)

Under the 2015-2020 Common Agricultural Policy there are 7 good agricultural and environmental conditions (GAECs) that apply in Scotland.