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Beef Heifer and calf

Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Beef

23 September 2020


Consultant Alex Pirie speaks with Consultant Robert Ramsay from SAC Consulting’s livestock team about the current state of the Beef Sector in Scotland, and how to create synergy between your…

Sheep and cattle sharing a field on a grassy hill

Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Sheep Upland Grazing Strategies

23 September 2020

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Consultant Alex Pirie speaks with Daniel Stout about Sheep Upland Grazing strategies and the broader Sheep industry in Scotland.

Natural enemies, their lifestyles and how to promote them

23 September 2020

Natural enemies, their lifestyles and how to promote them A diversity of invertebrate species inhabit farmland. Some are pests, but many are beneficial providing ecosystem services that support agricultural production.…

Beef Cattle Grazing

Podcast: NE Organic Discussion Group with Mary Young and David McClelland

21 September 2020


In this podcast Malcolm Macdonald talked to SAC Nutritionist Mary Young and Norvite Technical Director David McClelland about minerals in ruminant rations. This included an overview of the major minerals…

Two farmers stood in front of a Horsch Sprinter 6ST tine seeder

Podcast: Forward Thinking Farmers – Colin Hunter

17 September 2020


In this episode Mary-Jane Lawrie speaks with Colin Hunter, who farms at Stonelaws Farm in East Lothian. Colin has been farming with min till and no till systems for the…

Young Farmer in a field of sheep, pointing at the sheep.

Podcast: A Conversation with New Entrant Sheep Farmer Cammy Wilson

15 September 2020


Cammy Wilson is a new entrant sheep farming, having started out 5 years ago, Cammy has developed a simple grass based sheep system which allows him time away from the…

Podcast: Forward Thinking Farmers: John Sinclair

11 September 2020


John Sinclair owns and runs Craigies Farm Shop just outside Edinburgh.  It’s a family run business with pick your own fruit and veg as well as the shop and café. …

Milk Manager News September 2020

10 September 2020

Read the latest edition of Milk Manager News here Previous editions can be downloaded and read.

Rotational Grazing Vlog: Weaning Lambs at 90day

9 September 2020


  These lambs have grown at 325g/day from birth, an exceptional growth rate for twins. Jamie has shown us the leader-follower system in previous videos and discusses how he is…

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