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Rural Roundup: On-Farm Events & Farmer to Farmer Learning and Talking Stock Talk

7 June 2023


Welcome back to the Rural Round-up. This show is produced in association with the Scottish Government. On today’s episode George & Robert discuss the plethora of opportunities to get onto…

dairy cow looking at camera

Agribusiness News June 2023

2 June 2023

Welcome to the June edition of Agribusiness News.  If you prefer to download this document click the download button. N e w s  i n  b r i e f…

Crofting Matters – Obtaining a Croft

31 May 2023


Getting a croft isn’t easy, whether you are new to agriculture or have been working in crofting all your days. In this episode, Siobhan Macdonald and Graham Fraser discuss how…

Stock Talk – Beef & Sheep Nutrition: Planning Ahead

31 May 2023


In this podcast we hear from SAC’s livestock ruminant nutritionists Lorna Shaw and Karen Stewart. They discuss beef and sheep nutrition from grazing at grass through to planning winter rations…

Thrill of the Hill – It’s a Trap!

26 May 2023


THRILL OF THE HILL | With a lack of apex predators in Scotland, human intervention is often required to maintain a balance of nature, whether that is at the species,…

Rural Roundup – Headlines & Deadlines, Talking Silage; Whack it, Bale it & Stack it, & Abi Mordin from Propagate

24 May 2023


Welcome back to the Rural Round-up. This show is produced in association with the Scottish Government. On today’s episode Tiffany MacTaggart and George Chalmers bring you the headlines and deadlines…

Reduced Tillage & the Impact on Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

17 May 2023


Welcome to CropCast, your go to podcast for all the latest information on arable crops. Each month, SAC advisor, Tiffany Mactaggart will be joined by a range of industry experts,…

Intercropping in a field - peas and barley


15 May 2023


In this video, Donald Dunbar speaks about companion crops, otherwise known as Intercropping, with Jonny Mccririck in the Scottish Borders.  As protein prices have been rising farmers have been looking…

Agribusiness News Audio May 2023

15 May 2023


Along with our regular monthly updates on policy briefs, arable, beef, sheep and milk, in this edition we bring you two sector overviews on sustainability trends and falling suckler cow…

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