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Two sheep and a young lamb standing on an area of grassland within a moorland setting, heather in the rolling hills behind them and a loch visible in the background of the photo.

Information Note: Peatland Management for Crofters, Farmers, and Land Managers

8 December 2021


With COP26 concluded, and increasing international scrutiny on greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the UK’s agricultural sector, crofters, farmers, and land managers may be looking for ways to reduce their…

A path through a woodland area with several windblown conifer trees blocking the way.

Forestry Information Note: Storm Arwen Update – Felling Permission and Windblown Trees

7 December 2021


Overnight on the 26th of November 2021, Storm Arwen struck the UK with exceptionally strong winds triggering a rare Met Office Red Warning for wind. This was one of the…

Natural Capital: a case study about the reasons for measuring the baseline of natural capital in a landscape, and the practicalities of doing it

4 December 2021


Natural capital has finally been given economic value – the combination of soils, species, communities, habitats and landscapes are now recognised as ecosystems services, with critical societal benefits. The degradation…

Using Estimated Breeding Values In Sheep

3 December 2021

Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) are a valuable tool to help us select the best rams based their on genetic merit, independent of environment (eg birth type, feeding level), for profit…

Agribusiness News December 2021

The December 2021 edition of Agribusiness News is now available to download and read on the FAS website.  Along with the regular monthly articles on policy, beef, potatoes, sheep and…

Sheep EID and Innovation

2 December 2021

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In this video, Agricultural Consultant Daniel Stout talks to Yvonne Jones of Killernie Farm about how she’s using EID technology to improve flock and overall farm efficiency.      

Cropcast: Soil Health Tech Talk

2 December 2021


In this Cropcast, Prof Fiona Burnett of SRUC talks soils and soil health with Joanna Cloy who is a Soil Scientist and Researcher at SRUC, Paul Hargreaves who is a…

A young forest of deciduous trees with light green leaves filling the canopy and casting a green hue over the forest floor. There is a regularly walked dirt path etched through the middle of the forest in a straight line.

Farm Woodlands Information Note: Quick Guide to Short Rotation Forestry Species

2 December 2021


Farm Woodlands Information Note: Quick Guide to Short Rotation Forestry Species In short rotation forestry an area is planted with the plan to coppice or harvest the timber crop when…

Relinquishment and Assignation of Tenancies – Opportunities for New Entrants

2 December 2021


This focussed in on the potential opportunities for new entrants and those progressing in their businesses through relinquishment and assignation of agricultural tenancies. We aim to allow you to have:…

Organic Newsletter November

30 November 2021


This months newsletter is now available. Importance of pH Value of trees Organic Farming MSc

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