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How can beneficial insects help you?

24 November 2020


How can beneficial insects help you? What insects inhabit agricultural land? How can we tweak the balance towards insects that are beneficial to production? Join Dr Paul Chapman, a conservation…

A ewe standing in front a barbed wire fence

What Antibiotic Should I Choose?

23 November 2020


Responsible use of antibiotics should be at the forefront of all our minds – should I use antibiotics?  What antibiotic should I use?  Are other treatments more appropriate?  This guide, along with discussion with your vet should assist with key decisions surrounding antibiotic use.

Cost Savings Of Using A Drone

23 November 2020


Could using a drone on farm save you money and reduce your labour costs?  Could it improve animal welfare?

Fodder Beet: a focus on sheep

23 November 2020

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Cattle indoors with a straw floor.

Managing Straw Supplies for the Winter

23 November 2020


Malcolm Macdonald speaks to SAC beef consultants Robert Ramsay and Sarah Balfour about managing straw supplies this winter. With straw availability varying across the country this podcast discusses how farmers…

Hannah Jackson stood at a gate, smiling.

A Conversation with Hannah Jackson: The Red Shepherdess

23 November 2020


SAC Consultant Mary-Jane Lawrie speaks with Hannah Jackson, who has become something of a farming celebrity. Hannah has a wealth of advice to offer new entrants, and tells her story about…

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