Animal health and welfare is a subject of great public concern.  It is a Scottish Government policy to maintain and improve farm animal welfare standards and, as a result, animal health and welfare is the subject of a considerable body of legislation. This is supported by a number of Codes of Recommendations for the Welfare of Livestock and an element of cross-compliance requirements applied to certain support payments.


It is important to ensure that the Legislation and Welfare Codes are regularly revised to take into account the changes and developments in the Scottish farm livestock industry and relevant research findings as they become available.  The livestock industry must stay informed of changes to the Legislation and the Welfare Codes.

The Farm Advisory Service proposes to address animal health and welfare issues through a programme of awareness raising events, seminars and articles, to improve animal health and overall welfare standards throughout Scotland.


Culling Within The Dairy Herd

Over this past year, farmers’ have experienced extreme weather conditions which have led to grass and fodder shortages rolling over into the coming winter in many parts of the country.…

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Mycotoxin Risk with High Dry Matter Silages

Grass silages on average this year are much higher in dry matter and protein and slightly lower in fibre, which means intake potential is up to 15% more than that…

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Beef Efficiency Scheme – 2018 events

Autumn events to help farmers and crofters optimise winter nutrition and grazing availability In response to concerns that this year’s weather conditions will result in Scottish farmers and crofters facing…

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