Climate Change

From improving livestock efficiency to managing farm woodlands, there is a range of practical and profitable ideas that could help you to cut your carbon footprint, improve farm efficiency and profitability, whilst also improving your farm’s environmental performance.

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Video: Harvesting heat from the ground – Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps take low-grade energy in the form of heat from the ground and, with a heat exchange unit, convert it into a more usable form of energy…

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Video: UK Climate Projections 2018: What it tells us & what we can do

The UK Climate Projections produced at the end of 2018 provide the most comprehensive picture yet of how our climate might change over the next century. This is the first…

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The multiple benefits of water margins on an upland farm

At least 2 km of watercourse have been fenced off as part of the agri-environmental management at SRUC’s Kirkton & Auchtertyre Farms. Dr. John Holland an Upland Ecologist who’s been…

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Video: Wild bird seed for pollinators

Optimise habitats for birds and bees by sowing out a wild bird seed and pollinator mix, to benefit pollinating insects, and farmland birds through the seasons. This video describes sowing…

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Slurry lagoons: more than just a hole in the ground (advertorial)

Having sufficient and well maintained on-farm slurry storage to cope with up to six months storage allows farmers to target organic fertiliser applications to coincide with crop nutrient requirements as…

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