Water Management

With high importance placed on Scotland’s water quality, how we manage land is key to protecting and improving our water resources.

Our rivers are important habitats for a large variety of animals and plants and play a vital role in connecting habitats.

Riparian areas provide shelter, food, shade, and a buffer area to prevent runoff from adjacent fields, helping to prevent pollution from reaching the watercourse.  Root systems from riparian vegetation aid riverbank stabilisation and can help prevent erosion.

Reducing diffuse pollution risks to watercourses can benefit your business in a number of ways, for example making better use of nutrients in slurry and manure or an improvement in livestock health through cleaner drinking water supplies. It can also help you to stay on the right side of the Regulations and protect farm payments, whilst protecting the surrounding water quality.


Priority Catchment Inspection – Part 1

What’s involved in a priority catchment farm inspection? This is the first of a series of videos explaining what to expect on the day of the inspection.

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Video: Fighting bank erosion with willow spiling

Learn more about willow spiling and how it can help prevent riverbank erosion. Farmers and landowners within the Garnock Catchment are invited to contact Garnock Connections about trialling riverbank stabilisation…

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Video: Expanding your slurry storage with AECS

Farmer Dougie Hogarth from Knockrivoch Farm in Ayrshire hosted one of our ‘Slurry Storage & Construction’ events earlier in the year.  In this video, Dougie explains why he chose to…

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The multiple benefits of water margins on an upland farm

At least 2 km of watercourse have been fenced off as part of the agri-environmental management at SRUC’s Kirkton & Auchtertyre Farms. Dr. John Holland an Upland Ecologist who’s been…

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The Benefits of Agri-Environment Management at Kirkton & Auchtertyre Farms

Farmers should look carefully at their farm to find small areas where they can engage with agri-environment management to provide a greater benefit to the wildlife and fauna in their…

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‘Slurry Lagoons – More than just a hole in the ground’ Podcast

In this podcast, we hear from Agricultural Consultant Seamus Donnelly.  Seamus chats with Seamus Murphy about what exactly is involved in the planning and construction of slurry lagoons.  The Scottish…

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