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Sustainable Water Management

As climate conditions continue to change the sustainable management of water on farm is of great concern for many land managers around Scotland. From unprecedented wet weather to drought conditions, farms need to become resilient to ensure that they can try to minimise the impact of these changing weather patterns on land.


Practical Guides for Sustainable Water Management

We have produced a number of practical guides on this topic:

Nature Based Solutions to Combat Drought and Flooding

Climate change is set to bring on a change in our weather systems, with extreme weather conditions becoming more frequent. This is likely to include more intense and frequent flooding due to an increase in of periods of heavy or intense rainfall. To reduce the impact of these extreme weather events on agricultural production, land managers should target measures to increase water infiltration and retention. This guide offers nature based solutions to combat drought and flooding. Read more >>


Water Scarcity Case Study: Alternative watering of livestock

Following an AECS application in 2016 to fence off watercourses from grazing livestock, combined with a move to outwintering of cattle, Whitriggs Farm had an increased demand on their water requirements. As extreme drought events are projected to increase, the business needed to take a new approach to how livestock were supplied with water in the fields. Read more >>

Water Management Videos

Managing Natural Resources: Irrigation Lagoon Funding

The Agri Environment Climate scheme has opened for a new round of applications with some revised grant rates for irrigation lagoons. In this video Craig Bothwell gives an overview of the funding rates and the requirements needed to put in an application for grant support.

Resilient Technology Options for Water Management on Farm: Rainwater Harvesting

In this video we discuss installing rainwater harvesters, which can help store water on your farm to become more resilient to water scarcity. Read more>>

Catchment Management: The Delliefure Burn Project

In this video we speak to Penny Lawson from the Spey Catchment Initiative and Lewis Pate from the Cairngorm National Park Authority about the Delliefure Burn Project. Read more>>

Working Together to Improve Water Management: Greenloaning Project on the Allan Water

Forth Fisheries Trust have been working with land managers to slow flow and improve water management on site throughout the Allan Water Project. This video looks at work, which has been undertaken to improve wetland enhancement, biodiversity and the catchment. Read more>>

Catchment Management: Revive the Allan

Forth Fisheries Trust show us recent work they have been undertaking with land managers to improve habitat diversity, allowing rivers to be reinstated to a more natural state and improve the landscape and flood management. Read more>>

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