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Hay Instead of Silage?

Farmers have generally moved away from hay in favour of silage over the years to be less dependent on a good spell of weather. If silage is made well, it…

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Nematodirus Hatching…….

The warm weather has been a welcome return for grass growth and conditions for outdoor lambing’s.  However, this warmer weather has made conditions for Nematodirus battus hatching.  Who favour a period of cold weather followed by a cumulative period of 7-10 days of temperatures over 11ºC.  Nematodirus eggs on the pasture shed by lambs last year will have survived through winter and will hatch in the right conditions now.

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Improving Silage To Reduce Costs

Improving silage quality provides an alternative resource of nutrients to livestock that may have otherwise been supplied in concentrate feed. Ruminants have evolved to eat grass, therefore the more we…

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Lead Poisoning Alert

Ahead of turn out livestock farmers should be aware of the risk of lead poisoning with the greatest risk of poisoning occurring in the period immediately following turn out. SAC…

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Can I cut back on Nitrogen?

The last 12 months has seen unprecedented increases in costs of inputs to farmers and the immediate outlook could see markets and supply chains in chaos around the world. For…

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