Pests, weeds and diseases are a constant threat to the yield and quality of crops produced in Scotland. They decrease the efficiency and profitability of crop production and increase its environmental impact. Endemic and new or emerging threats are a risk to Scottish crop production, and the levels of risk are increased as a result of climate change, adaptations in the pests themselves and as a consequence of pesticide changes / withdrawals. Pest, weed and disease pressure varies seasonally and regionally and the safe and appropriate use of pesticides, integrated with alternative interventions has benefits to business efficiency, food safety and the environment.


Soil health – why and how?

Interest in soil health is growing at all levels. It is a key area for policy with the UK government’s 25-year environment plan, launched earlier this year, indicating that future agricultural policy will focus on soil health and structure.

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Clubroot pressure builds

Clubroot is a major issue in rape in Scotand’s arable rotations with over 50% of fields used for oilseed rape carrying the disease – and in areas like Aberdeenshire the…

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Crop health: Management of barley pests & diseases (Islay) – event summary

A meeting for Islay barley farmers (9 growers representing 60% of the total on the island) at Rockside Farm / Kilchoman distillery, a farm distillery set-up.  The meeting was arranged…

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