Pests, weeds and diseases are a constant threat to the yield and quality of crops produced in Scotland. They decrease the efficiency and profitability of crop production and increase its environmental impact. Endemic and new or emerging threats are a risk to Scottish crop production, and the levels of risk are increased as a result of climate change, adaptations in the pests themselves and as a consequence of pesticide changes / withdrawals. Pest, weed and disease pressure varies seasonally and regionally and the safe and appropriate use of pesticides, integrated with alternative interventions has benefits to business efficiency, food safety and the environment.


Commercial timber income from low productivity upland

This case study on how woodland can be a great commercial option for low productivity upland was featured in the Scottish Farmer on the 7th of February.  In case you…

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AgriBusiness News February 2019

AgriBusiness News January 2019

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Soil & Nutrient Network: Case Study – Bielgrange, East Lothian

Soil & Nutrient Network: Case Study – Bielgrange, East Lothian

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Calculating the nutrient value of organic fertilisers

The aim of this guide is to help farmers to evaluate more accurately the potential nutrient value supplied to crops from organic fertilisers such as livestock slurries and manures. This…

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