Specialist Advice

Access further funded advice

Aimed at identifying business strengths and opportunities, specialist advice plans help you take a deeper look at specific issues of concern or interest with respect to you farming business.

NB. Specialist advice plans are only available as part of an existing ILMP. Only applicants who have completed an ILMP or are in the process of applying for one are eligible.

As part of the Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP), you can choose to benefit from up to two further specialist advice plans during the period 2016-2020.

Specialist advice is available on the following topics:

  • climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • soil and nutrient management
  • biodiversity, habitat and landscape management
  • woodland management and conservation
  • water pollution, prevention and control
  • organics
  • archaeological and historic site advice
  • animal welfare
  • succession planning
  • farm business efficiency
Climate change adaptation and mitigation Up to £1,000 100%
Soil and nutrient management Up to £1,000 100%
Biodiversity, habitat and landscape management Up to £1,000 100%
Woodland management and conservation Up to £1,000 100%
Water pollution prevention and control Up to £1,000 100%
Organics Up to £1,000 100%
Archaeological and historic site advice Up to £1,000 100%
Animal Welfare Up to £1,000 100%
Farm business efficiency Up to £800 80%
Succession Planning Up to £800 80%

*Excluding VAT, (the business must pay the full VAT) except for businesses that are not registered for VAT and will not reclaim the VAT from HM Customs & Excise, in which case the grant will be based on the total cost including VAT.

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Benefit from the knowledge of specialist advisers

You can appoint specialist advisers of your choice, provided they are adequately qualified in the selected field. If you need assistance identifying specialists, the link below provides details of specialists who have delivered under the programme to date. This is intended to provide you with a useful resource, you are not limited to advisers on this list.

Specialist advisers skills matrix

Download the list of Advisers and their skills here.

If you have any queries regarding an Integrated Land Management Plan or specialist advice, please contact advice line on 0300 323 0161 or advice@fas.scot and we will be pleased to talk through the options.

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