Crofts & Small Farms

The Scottish Government values crofting as a form of land tenure and recognises the added contribution that crofting continues to make to the rural economy and the sustainability of rural and remote rural communities. To assist crofters and farmers of small agricultural units, the  Crofter and Small Farm Service has two elements: advice through a Subscription and events and materials tailored to the needs of crofters and smallholders.


Soil Phosphorous Management

Dr Bill Crooks describes a new approach to managing phosphorous in your soil. Low levels of soil phosphorous can be very detrimental to grass and clover in the sward and…

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Podcast: Making a mark at the markets

In this podcast, Ross Mackenzie talks to Ian Tolmie, Managing Director of Dingwall and Highland Marts who gives valuable advice for those new to livestock marts, and what they should…

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Podcast: Cattle handling systems on common grazings

In this podcast we hear from Dr Simon Turner of SRUC Dr Turner did a roadshow on cattle handling systems on Common Grazings in Lewis, Uist and Skye. Listen to Janette…

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Common Grazing Regulations & Committees

What are Common Grazings? How can you ensure that your Common Grazing is regulated? What steps are needed to form a Grazings Committee? This guide from the Crofting Commission is…

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Feeding Beef Cattle & Sheep

With good nutrition, animals are healthier and more of their genetic potential can be achieved. Nutrition is the biggest driver of flock or herd performance. This practical guide will give…

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Control of Rushes TN701 – Gaelic

Rushes are an issue on many crofts and small farms. Rushes reduce the area available for grazing, and although damp grassland provides breeding habitat for many wading birds, dense rush…

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