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Integrated Land Management Plans (ILMPs)

The range of benefits an Integrated Land Management Plan brings to you and your business is considerable. For that reason, the Scottish Government, through the Farm Advisory Service, is offering up to £1,200 of funding to help you access expert consultancy support to develop a professional Integrated Land Management Plan for your farm or croft.

Why apply?

An Integrated Land Management Plan (ILMP) allows you to bring in an adviser to discuss plans to ensure your farm or croft is profitable and sustainable for the years ahead. You can choose from a panel of expert consultants who will work with you to support the specific needs of your business. They will look at all aspects of your business from its resources and finances to matters of conservation and biodiversity. Then, together, you will develop a step-by-step action plan enabling you to steer your business to success.

The assessment is flexible and typically includes:

  • An assessment of strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats as they relate to your vision for your business
  • A basic habitats, biodiversity and conservation review
  • Financial performance analysis
  • A cross compliance assessment to highlight where there may be risk areas for the business

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of accredited farm business advisers

Integrated Land Management Plans will only be delivered by advisers accredited to the Farm Business Adviser Accreditation Scotland scheme (FBAASS). If your funding application is successful, you can request quotations from accredited advisers and appoint the adviser of your choice. The Farm Advisory Service can also help you identify a suitable adviser if required.

Who can apply?

Integrated Land Management Plans are open to all farming and crofting businesses, provided that they are registered in Scotland Rural Payments and Services and hold a Business Reference Number (BRN) with IACS.

Many new entrants find Integrated Land Management Plans help get their business off to the best start possible, but they are suitable for all business types regardless of experience and situation. Your plan will be tailored to your business.

From 1 April 2022, restrictions on the number of ILMPs a single business can undertake were reset. Farming and crofting businesses that have already completed an ILMP can apply for the same support a second time.

How much funding is there?

A maximum of £1,200* is available from the Scottish Government to fund up to 80% of the cost of consultancy support needed to carry out the Integrated Land Management Plan.

For businesses less than five years old, a maximum of £1,200 is available to cover up to 100% of the cost of an ILMP.

The grant is paid directly to the advisory business you select to carry out the review.

*Excluding VAT, the business must pay the full VAT, except for businesses that are not registered for VAT and will not reclaim the VAT from HM Customs & Excise, in which case the grant will be based on the total cost including VAT.

Who can apply?

Apply online or download an application form today. Please note that any grant application submitted via post will experience a delay in processing.  As such, anyone seeking grant funding should do so using our online application forms.

Download your Integrated Land Management Plan application form today

Should you need further information, or require a hard copy of this form, please telephone the Farm Advisory Service advice line on 0300 323 0161.

Download the Integrated Land Management Plans rules and procedures

If you have any queries regarding the Integrated Land Management Plan or Specialist Advice, please contact advice line on 0300 323 0161 or and we will be pleased to talk through the options.


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