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From 2025, there will be increased conditionality to subsidy payments and this is expected to have an increased focus on biodiversity.

Many farming businesses are looking to upskill themselves on how to measure what biodiversity they have, increase what is already present and how to monitor changes. If that is you then head to the Monitoring, measuring and increasing the biodiversity on your farm section.

While our Habitat and Landscape Management looks more closely at the habitats and land types that exist on farm including muirburn and protecting peatlands.

Check out our Natural Capital podcast series which explores different natural capital assets and their value to Scottish agriculture and the rural economy, including the opportunities and risks for the future.

Other Resources

The Agri-Environment Climate Scheme run by the Scottish Government is a funding scheme which promotes land management practices which protect and enhance Scotland’s magnificent natural heritage, improve water quality and manage flood risk to meet biodiversity targets.

The NatureScot website offers a wealth of detailed information about biodiversity if you are interested in reading further around the topic.

We've produced a series of four articles that guide you through how to assess the natural capital on your land. You can read the first of them here.

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