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Technology to improve business performance

The use of innovative technologies to improve busines performance is of paramount importance. Farmers and crofters must embrace technology and businesses, now more than ever, must be aware of their environmental footprint and strive for efficiency at all levels. There are many technologies available to farmers and crofters to help make these improvements however their capabilities are not fully known or understood by much of the farming community. This series of videos, podcasts, advice notes and technical notes will help producers to better understand key innovative items and how their implementation and correct use can help to optimise performance, improve their business efficiency and minimise their environmental impact.

The recent role out of the Sustainable Agriculture Capital Grant Scheme (SACGS) by SGRPID will help to increase the technological advances on many farms over coming months. It is anticipated that contracts will be issued to successful applicants in early December.  These publications will help to inform producers of many of the key items of equipment on the SACGS list and of the positive effect that each can play on livestock, dairy and arable operations.


Auto Drenching Gun

Electronic Weighing of Cattle


Technology to Improve Business Performance and Resilience

In this series of three fact sheets an arable, beef and sheep farmer have been interviewed to find out what key pieces of farm technology they cannot do without.

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