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About us

Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service

Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service (FAS) is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) which is funded by the Scottish Government, providing information and resources aimed at increasing the profitability and sustainability of farms and crofts.

Grant support, a full programme of events, a subscription service for crofts and small farms, and a range of articles and publications form the core of this service which is designed to provide integrated advice for farmers and crofters across Scotland.

Advice line

For general enquiries or for more information about the service, phone the advice line on 0300 323 0161, or explore this website in more detail.

The advice line operates between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, covering a wide variety of topics including cross compliance, water framework directive requirements, climate change and other technical issues.

The Farm Advisory Service is being delivered by SAC Consulting (part of Scotland’s Rural College) and Ricardo Energy and Environment on behalf of the Scottish Government under contract arrangements.

Annual Reports

Annual Reports 2022/23

One-to-many annual report Jan - March 2022 (SAC Consulting)

One-to-many annual report 2022/23 (SAC Consulting)

One-to-one annual report 2022/23 (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Annual Reports 2021

One-to-many annual report 2021 (SAC Consulting)

One-to-one annual report 2021 (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Annual Reports 2020

One-to-many annual report 2020 (SAC Consulting)

One-to-one annual report 2020 (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Annual Reports 2019/20

One-to-many annual report 2019/20 (SAC Consulting)

One-to-one annual report 2019/20 (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Annual Reports 2018/19

One-to-many annual report 2018/19 (SAC Consulting)

One-to-one annual report 2018/19 (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Annual Reports 2017/18

One-to-many annual report 2017/18 (SAC Consulting)

One-to-one annual report 2017/18 (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Annual Reports 2016/17

One-to-many annual report 2016/17 (SAC Consulting)

One-to-one annual report 2016/17 (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Business plans

Business plan for 2022

Business Plan 2022 one-to-many (SAC Consulting)

Business Plan 2022 one-to-one (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Business plan for 2021

Business Plan 2021 one-to-many (SAC Consulting)

Business Plan 2021 one-to-one (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Business plan for 2020

Business Plan 2020 one-to-many (SAC Consulting)

Business Plan 2020 one-to-one (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Business plan for 2019/20

Business Plan 2019/20 one-to-many (SAC Consulting)

Business Plan 2019/20 one-to-one (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Business plan for 2018/19

Business Plan 2018/19 one-to-many (SAC Consulting)

Business Plan 2018/19 one-to-one (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Business plan for 2017/18

Business Plan 2017/18 one-to-many (SAC Consulting)

Business Plan 2017/19 one-to-one (Ricardo Energy & Environment)

Privacy Policy

Our full Privacy Policy can be found here.


Since it was established in 2016, the Farm Advisory Service has helped thousands of farmers, crofters and smallholders across Scotland. To learn more about the impact it has had, please see the following reports.

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