Scientists and Governments throughout the world are in agreement about the facts of man-made climate change and the need to take action. We want Scotland to be a world-class producer of high-quality food: sustainably, profitably and efficiently in environmental and economic terms.

The farming and food production sector is key to achieving this ambition, however, the unique nature of Scotland’s land must be taken into account.

With only 8% of agricultural land being considered “prime land” which is capable of supporting wide range of crops and the majority of the remaining land is classified as “rough grazing” which is land with severe limitations on what it can support and produce, our focus needs to be on maximising the efficiency of food production.


Priority Catchment Inspection – Part 1

What’s involved in a priority catchment farm inspection? This is the first of a series of videos explaining what to expect on the day of the inspection.

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Video: Improving habitats for farmland birds

Agricultural consultant Paul Chapman explains how farmland birds have shown significant population declines in Scotland, and across Europe, since the 1970s. In this video, he visits Hopewell Farm near Tarland…

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Video: Fighting bank erosion with willow spiling

Learn more about willow spiling and how it can help prevent riverbank erosion. Farmers and landowners within the Garnock Catchment are invited to contact Garnock Connections about trialling riverbank stabilisation…

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Video: Harvesting heat from the ground – Ground source heat pumps

Ground source heat pumps take low-grade energy in the form of heat from the ground and, with a heat exchange unit, convert it into a more usable form of energy…

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Video: UK Climate Projections 2018: What it tells us & what we can do

The UK Climate Projections produced at the end of 2018 provide the most comprehensive picture yet of how our climate might change over the next century. This is the first…

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Video: Expanding your slurry storage with AECS

Farmer Dougie Hogarth from Knockrivoch Farm in Ayrshire hosted one of our ‘Slurry Storage & Construction’ events earlier in the year.  In this video, Dougie explains why he chose to…

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