Scientists and Governments throughout the world are in agreement about the facts of man-made climate change and the need to take action. We want Scotland to be a world-class producer of high-quality food: sustainably, profitably and efficiently in environmental and economic terms.

The farming and food production sector is key to achieving this ambition, however, the unique nature of Scotland’s land must be taken into account.

With only 8% of agricultural land being considered “prime land” which is capable of supporting wide range of crops and the majority of the remaining land is classified as “rough grazing” which is land with severe limitations on what it can support and produce, our focus needs to be on maximising the efficiency of food production.


Soil health – why and how?

Interest in soil health is growing at all levels. It is a key area for policy with the UK government’s 25-year environment plan, launched earlier this year, indicating that future agricultural policy will focus on soil health and structure.

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Are you making the most of Integrated Pest Management?

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is not a new idea in farming and many producers will be familiar with the concept through measures such as the pesticide industry’s Voluntary Initiative and…

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Water – Waste not, want not!

Even before we entered the driest six month period since 1984 this summer, water use on farms was starting to be mentioned as one of the assessment criteria to be…

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