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Farmers, crofters and land managers are under increasing pressure to tackle the twin challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss. This page is a collation of all the resources that you need to inform and equip you.


Biodiversity, the diversity of biology, refers to all the living things on earth, and the complex relationships they have with one another, which we refer to as the web of life. Increasing the biodiversity on your farm does not require losing large areas of your productive land, small and simple measures can be incorporated onto your farm which will enhance the habitat for many species of invertebrates, birds, mammals and many other species of plants and animals. Click below to discover more on habitat management, measuring biodiversity and the species that are of greatest importance.

Water Management

With high importance placed on Scotland’s water quality, how we manage land is key to protecting and improving our water resources. Reducing diffuse pollution risks to watercourses can benefit your business in a number of ways, for example making better use of nutrients in slurry and manure or an improvement in livestock health through cleaner drinking water supplies. It can also help you to stay on the right side of the Regulations and protect farm payments, whilst protecting the surrounding water quality. Follow the sections in our water management page to understand more about what you can do.

Climate Change

With wetter, warmer winters and hotter, drier summers predicted due to climate change, farmers and land managers need tools to adapt and our Climate Change page has a great section on this. Alongside adapting to the changes we are seeing, there is a need for all farming businesses to look at how they can profitably reduce emissions and contribute towards Scotland’s net zero emissions target by 2045. There is a range of practical and profitable ideas that could help you to cut your carbon footprint, improve farm efficiency and profitability, whilst also improving your farm’s environmental performance.

If you are looking for specific woodland content, please check out the Farm Woodlands Page.

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