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FAS Problem Solver: Toolkit

A range of easy-to-use calculators, decision-making tools, resources and courses to help you manage your farm and croft productivity, finances and environmental measures.

Farm Finances

Improve your farm business financial management:

Understanding Farm Accounts

A short beginner course to gain confidence with your farm accounts, allow 1-2 hours

Strategic planning

Step back from the daily work in farming. Consider where you'd like your business to go in the future. And figure out how to get there.

Whole farm benchmarks

Compare your farm finances to the national average of farms similar in size and type to your own

Analysing Farm Accounts

An intermediate course to help you get more information out of your farm accounts
calculator and notes

Advanced Calculators

1. Assess your farm's business performance over the last 3 years

2. Establish your asset baseline

3. Assess what business as usual looks like, and plan for change

4. Use this calculator to think through your year ahead and plan your cash flow

Farm Productivity

Resources to support improving your farming output:

Liveweight Production

A calculator to help you measure your baseline livestock production, see where you can improve


At lambing time use this tool to decide how best to treat hypothermia

Antibiotic Usage Tool

Assess your annual antibiotic use, and plan for next year

Milk from forage calculator

Find out your litres of Milk from Forage

Sheep Quarantine Decision Tool

If you are buying in sheep, this tool helps you decide how to prevent liverfluke spreading in your flock
Lamb h ypothermiadecision tool on smartphone



Crofting-specific resources to support your business decision making:

Multi-Species Grassland Sward tool

Find out the most suitable herb and flower species for your mixed sward on your croft

Assignation of a Croft: a step by step guide

A step by step guide on how to assign your croft

KPI Tool Template

Perform a gross output analysis, and set KPIs for your business so you can track progress (Download Excel file)
image of croft houses

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