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Funding Update – August 2022


Due to a very high demand for carbon audits this year we have exceeded the available capacity. As a result, carbon audits are not currently available through the Farm Advisory Service.

In the meantime, the new national test programme is providing support for carbon audits. Details on how to access new carbon audits can be found here: Carbon Audit Application


Request a fully funded carbon audit of your farm or croft to see where performance improvements and savings can be made.

Farms with a low carbon footprint are often the most efficient and profitable. Does your farm have a low carbon footprint? Do you know the size of your carbon footprint? Do you know how you compare to other farm business? If not, then apply to receive support for a carbon audit up to £500 today.

Carried out by an experienced agricultural consultant fully funded through the FAS, the carbon audit will establish your carbon footprint, identify the sources of emissions on your farm, and show you how your performance compares with others – highlighting areas where you can improve your farm’s operational efficiency.

What is a carbon footprint?

Your carbon footprint identifies the quantity and source of your greenhouse gas emissions (carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide). As well being the most efficient and profitable, farms with a low carbon footprint can also position themselves favourably against competition and with buyers that are increasingly looking to buy from ‘low carbon’ suppliers.

Your appointed adviser will spend approximately half a day with you to conduct the carbon audit. They will collect emission data for the activities you carry out on your farm and use Agrecalc to accurately determine your resource use and GHG emissions for the whole farm.

Who can apply?

Carbon audits are open to all farming and crofting businesses, provided that they are registered in Scotland with IACS.

It is recommended that carbon audits are repeated annually to monitor performance and identify the impact of changes you make. Businesses are therefore eligible to receive funding towards a carbon audit per year.

How much funding is there?

The Scottish Government will help fund the cost of consultancy support needed to carry out the carbon audit. The grant is paid directly to the advisory business you select.

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