Culling Within The Dairy Herd

Over this past year, farmers’ have experienced extreme weather conditions which have led to grass and fodder shortages rolling over into the coming winter in many parts of the country.…

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Soil health – why and how?

Interest in soil health is growing at all levels. It is a key area for policy with the UK government’s 25-year environment plan, launched earlier this year, indicating that future agricultural policy will focus on soil health and structure.

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Beef Efficiency Scheme – 2018 events

Autumn events to help farmers and crofters optimise winter nutrition and grazing availability In response to concerns that this year’s weather conditions will result in Scottish farmers and crofters facing…

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African Swine Fever (ASF)

The disease is spreading in Europe (1). It has been confirmed in wild boar and feral pigs as well as in commercial and backyard pigs in Central and Eastern Europe.…

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Clubroot pressure builds

Clubroot is a major issue in rape in Scotand’s arable rotations with over 50% of fields used for oilseed rape carrying the disease – and in areas like Aberdeenshire the…

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