Benefits of Colostrum Pasteurisation

Many disease causing organisms can be transmitted to calves via colostrum feeding, such as Mycoplasma, Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella and perhaps most importantly, the bacteria that causes Johne’s disease (Mycobacterium avium paratuberculosis or MAP).

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Sapling to Sawmill

The A-Listed Capenoch House will form an impressive backdrop to the two free Farm Advisory Service (FAS) events in Dumfries and Galloway next month. The 19th-Century baronial property sits on…

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Crop Health update: Winter beans

Nitrogen fixing crops such as winter beans obviously have advantages in a rotation, adding to soil fertility as well as adding diversity to rotations. Yields can be variable between seasons…

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Lighting for Cows

As the shortest day approaches it seems appropriate to think about the day length that your cows are experiencing.  Research has shown that both quantity and quality of light in the cow shed can affect milk yield and fertility.

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