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Covid 19: Challenges to the Pig Sector

An almost perfect storm of challenges, mostly related to COVID-19 is now impacting on the pig sector, with reduced slaughter capacity following outbreaks and restrictions at several pork processing sites having numerous effects throughout the supply…

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Ditching and draining for profit and flood prevention

Well managed watercourses and margins through arable or grassland fields bring a wealth of benefits to the farm. Careful management not only improves biodiversity and water quality but can increase farm business resilience from flooding and damage during wet weather. With increased rainfall and longer, and wetter periods predicted as a result of climate change, farmers and land managers need to work to minimise the effects on their land and business.

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Uncertainty – the new normal?

There is a sense in the agricultural sector that Brexit preparation isn’t particularly advanced, not because we don’t understand it will have a big impact, but because of (a) the…

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