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Common Grazings

Common grazings are areas of land used by a number of crofters and others who hold a right to graze stock on that land.  There are over 1000 common grazings covering over 500,000ha across Scotland.

Grazing committees are set up to manage the common grazings.  They are elected by the crofters who use the land and to be regulated (protected by law) the committee must be recorded with the Crofting Commission. This page will guide you through the big issues facing Common Grazings.  If you need more advice then call our helpline on 0300 323 0161 or see our advice and grants page.

For definitions on terms used in Common Grazings, see our Simple Guide to Common Grazings Terms.

Discussion groups, bringing common grazing and sheep stock club members together, are established in Uist, Lewis & Harris and Skye.  In 2017 the groups were established and had meetings with local facilitators, SAOS and the Crofting Commission.  The first meetings concentrated on local issues and led to a suite of information notes and videos being produced.  In 2018 a group in Lochaber was started.

This short guide explains the role of a committee, and the many benefits as a result of being “in-office”.

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