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Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Common Grazings for Common Good

In this episode Alex Pirie chats to agricultural and crofting consultant, Janette Sutherland (SAC), about a range of topics and issues, including the lessons conventional farms can take from crofting, grazing hill cattle, crofting as a public good and heritage value of traditional practices.

Common Grazings – and crofting counties more broadly – have a crucial and unique role to play in tackling the decline of biodiversity in Scotland. Because of the mosaic of small distinct habitats in close proximity, coupled with expansive rough grazings and heath, many crofts are microcosms of the habitats across Scotland. This in tandem with the typically more extensive, low input management systems makes crofts and Common Grazings hugely important for biodiversity.

Visit The Thrill of The Hill webpage to listen to all episodes in the series.

Grazing Sheep

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