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Developing Safe Farming Practices

Farms can be dangerous. Farmers come into contact with different hazards every day. The safety of everyone on a farm (employer, employee or family member) should be a priority.

Being aware of new and existing hazards, carrying out risk assessments and always following the Safe Stop procedure are just a few ways to work towards a safer workplace and remember that if proper supervision is not possible, the best way to keep children safe on a farm is to keep them away.

Child Farm Safety

Child Farm Safety Webpage

This project seeks to raise awareness of key dangers on farms, and provide materials that can help guide parents' discussions with their children and other visiting children on Farm Safety.

Play the fun interactive games and use the worksheets along with your children. Take advice from Derek Hanton on how you can foster safer working practices and asafety culture on your farm or croft.

Developing Safe Farming Practices Within Your Business Q&A Webinar

Are you unsure about the legislation regarding farm health and safety? Do you want to know how to minimise risk of injury within your business? Or are you interested in finding out about the most common accidents? Join us with your burning questions or just to listen to the panel of experts explain this complex topic. This webinar was a Q & A farm health and safety meeting with experts Laura Silvers from NFU Mutual Risk Management Services Ltd and Stephanie Berkley, manager at Farm Safety Foundation.

Safety Kids - Keeping Children Safe During Lambing

Lambing is an exciting time seeing new-born lambs either in their pens or lambing outside and taking their first steps. Equally exciting is how young children love lambing time where they begin to understand the busy time, and how they are keen to help. With it being such a busy time and all hands are welcome, this simple series of cartoons show how important children look out for health and safety matters during lambing, so they have a safe and fun time during this period. We encourage you to sit with your youngsters to watch the short video to emphasise the importance of health and safety on the farm or croft.

Safety Kids - Summer Children's Artwork Compilation

Over the summer, we ran a poster competition that aimed to raise children’s awareness of the dangers on farms and crofts. It was divided into two categories – one for children under 7 and one for those aged from 7 to 12, with three prizes in each category. Children are asked to create a poster using paints, crayons or other materials showing examples of farm safety. The winners have been announced but all the entries were brilliant and we wanted to show them all for how creative they are. Thanks to all our entrants and congratulations to the winners.

Safety Kids - Stay Safe at the Autumn Sales

Autumn time is a busy period on farms and crofts, especially with sale time. It is exciting for children to see lambs and calves been sold, especially with all the hard work put into rearing them. This fun cartoon video emphasises how important safety is as young children are so enthusiastic to help, and accidents can happen. From wrapping up warm, been wary of young stock, and being careful around vehicles.

Safety Kids – Staying Safe on Farms and Crofts in Winter

Wintertime on farms and crofts is busy as work is done during shorter day length. There is lots of feeding to be done with tractors and ATVs going about buildings and fields as it gets dark. This fun cartoon video emphasises how important safety is as young children are so enthusiastic to help, and accidents can happen. From wearing reflective clothing, reporting any dangers and being careful around vehicles.

Developing Safe Farming Practice


Spot The Hazards: Farm Machinery

There are a number of different hazards relating to farm machinery in the following images – can you spot them all?

Spot The Hazards: Farm Workshops & Steadings

There are a number of different hazards relating to farm workshops and steadings in the following images – can you spot them all?’

Health and Safety Law – Guidance notes for business - NFU Mutual Risk Management Services has produced Guidance Notes that will take you through the steps you need to take and help you make sure you have done what you need to protect your people and visitors to your business or premises. 

Health and Safety for Small Businesses - Information and simple templates specifically for small businesses to help you keep people safe and help you comply with health and safety law.

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